SsangYong carbide Endmills and Drills are manufactured micro-grain tungsten carbide for longer tool life and better productivity. SsangYong standard Endmills and Drills offers high precision and excellent surface by high level quality control systems. Also we are supplying various coated Endmills and Drills according to meet customers needs.

- Various application with excellent wear-resistance and longer tool life.

- Secure the smooth and superior surface on workpiece.

Milling Cutters

SsangYong Milling cutters with ceramic insert offer High-Performance cutting abilities through maximum edge strength and tool life. Especially, SsangYong face milling cutter series with Silicon Nitride grades provide surface finishin the high speed cutting cast iron, ductile cast iron roughing and semi-finishing process. We are supplying various standard and special milling cutters and inserts for precision control and high production applications.

- The most economic and practical device for ceramic milling insert .

- Stabilized performance with optimum milling technology


* SsangYong PCBN Cutting Tool is an ultra hard cutting tool material consisting of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride with metallicor ceramic binder. SsangYong PCBN is available either as a tip brazed to a carbide or as solid CBN insert. It is used for hardened ferrous material.

* SsangYong PCD Cutting Tool is an ultra hard cutting tool material consisting of polycrystalline diamond tip brazed to a carbide insert according to the various applications. It is used for non-ferrous material,wood andhardened alloyed steel at extremely high speed.

Cermet Inserts

SsangYong Cermet Cutting Tool is a composite between Titanium Carbide or Titanium Nitride with Carbidfe-Metal binder. Since the toughness of the cermet is stronger than that of ceramic and the hardmess of the cermet is harder than that of the tungsten carbide, cermet cutting tool shows high wear resistance, high speed cutting and excellent surface finish. Four different grades for different workpiece and cutting conditionIdeal for high-speed finishing to milling of mild steel, carbon steel and alloy steel. Excellent performance in turning, grooving, boring, bearing and milling

Ceramic Inserts

SsangYong Ceramic Cutting Tool is an inorganic materials, die-pressed and sintered using very fine and pure raw materials. These are oxide, carbide and nitride with high purity and fine microstructure.Since the SsangYong ceramics is prepared by HIP process to condense completely, it is highly wear resistant and very strong against the fracture. Improved work efficiency by increasing cutting speed on average three times higher than carbide inserts. Longer tool life through excellent wear resistancePrecise cutting and superior surface roughness


SsangYong Hydraulic chuck is a completely enclosed system, so no penetration of oil, grease, coolant or chip is possible. Excellent output is expected when clamp tools with straight cylindrical shanks.

- High T.I.R accuracy and repeatability of ≤ 3㎛ make it possible to have a precise interference.

- Optimum balance of Hydraulic Chuck enables splendid performance under high speed and safety.

Tool Holders

SsangYong have been supplying optimize holders for effective performance to our customers in the whole world also we have many kinds of holders both standard and special types even customize holders. Our Optimize tooling system will give you save money and time.

- Precise device with firm clamping system.

- Specialized tooling system with high hardness material.

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